Traveling Exhibition Proposal

Considering Harm Exhibition Proposal

Considering Harm is an art exhibit that focuses on the issue of gun violence in our communities. The exhibit consists of 29+ mixed media pieces that are contemplative works on gun violence. Each work is exhibited with a small plaque under it with text that refers to an incident involving gun violence from the area where the project is exhibited The combined impact of the work and text creates an atmosphere of contemplative tension. The viewer is forced to Consider Harm.

This project is a work in progress because it changes with every city or town where exhibited. The incidents change. The viewers change-the viewers make the exhibit have relevance-the viewers make the exhibit be about community-the viewer’s community. Art comes alive when viewed and that is what truly happens when this exhibit is viewed.

The exhibit is also in flux because as time goes by, I am making new pieces that are added to the exhibit. The new work is in a direction that contemplates the emptiness that gun violence creates. This is a contrast to the original work that focuses on the actual gun.

My work is founded in cultural issues and is not meant to preach but to provoke the viewer to examine his/her position. This project presents facts and images allowing the viewer to examine his/her position and not reflect on my position. When viewing this work, the art maker dissolves and the viewer makes the image come alive.

The images are controlled in format. They are neat works that are labor intense. The materials used are purposeful as they are meant to stir visual connections in the viewer. My work flows from living in community and being part of community and Considering Harm is a direct reflection of this.

Considering Harm is meant to pull the viewer in. The written words are meant to snap the viewer back to reality. The combined impact of the image and text creates an atmosphere of contemplative tension.

Considering Harm is partnered with an anti gun violence group or a group that promotes peaceful conflict resolution from the area where it is exhibited. A percent of any proceeds are donated to this group.

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